I Didn’t Buy

What if we all refused to buy anything that harms the environment, including goods and services that add to carbon in the atmosphere, impair our health, or impact upon wildlife?


Our goal is to empower online consumers to act against the climate emergency, and related aspects of environmental collapse. We believe that, with online support, consumers can bring about change in corporate practices for the good. Acting individually and collectively, they can persuade companies to switch to sourcing methods and production processes that will reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and help save our wildlife.

If no one buys unsustainable items, companies won’t produce them.

We are Tim Kindberg of matter II media, and Prof. Chris Preist and Dr. Fiona Spotswood of the University of Bristol. Along the way, our team has benefited greatly from the contributions of Doug Nelson, Rosie Nelson, Alison Yoon and Joshua Taylor.

We are grateful to the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute which funded our research from January 2020. We expected to be finished by the middle of the year; due to Covid, this first phase of research lasted throughout the year. But we have achieved everything we wanted to achieve. See Tim Kindberg’s end of 2020 report, and Fiona Spotswood’s post about where we had got to by August.


Sust, the I Didn’t Buy plugin

Sust is the working name for our web browser plugin which is designed to help people shop sustainably. It works by identifying products for sale in web sites, and overlaying an interface which both presents sustainability-related information and enables the consumer to contribute sustainability-related information. Our research engagements with sustainably minded shoppers told us that …