Our goal is to empower online consumers to act against the climate emergency – and related aspects of environmental collapse. We believe that, with online support, consumers can bring about change in corporate practices for the good. Acting individually and collectively, they can force companies to switch to sourcing methods and production processes that will reduce carbon emissions and pollution, and help save our wildlife.

If no one buys unsustainable items, companies won’t produce them.

We are Tim Kindberg of matter II media, and Prof. Chris Preist, Dr. Fiona Spotswood and Joshua Taylor of the University of Bristol.

We are reviewing the literature and will be holding focus groups and workshops with consumers in Bristol during February-May 2020. Based on what we learn, we will produce a prototype browser plugin. This tool will help consumers decide what is sustainable and what isn’t, and find sustainable alternatives. It will send a highly visible signal to corporations.

We are grateful to the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute which funds our research during January to May 2020.