Call-out for contributors

Exclusively to members of Fashion Revolution’s Global Network

Are you interested in contributing to the latest digital technology for changing unsustainable online fashion shopping behaviours? You are invited to a short online information session on 16 August to find out how you can have your say in the design of this new technology.

To be able to participate in our project, you will need to fill out this short online form by 15 August 2022 – whether or not you attend an information session.

The Sust project in Bristol, UK, is creating a digital platform for empowering people to buy fashion items more sustainably, and we are seeking your contributions to its design. 

Sust works by providing sustainability-related information right at the point of online purchase in web pages, in order to help people make more sustainable choices more often. The platform is collaborative, encouraging shoppers to change their behaviour through collective engagement, reward and ownership.

Our prototype already provides Fashion Transparency Index rankings next to the products people are thinking about buying, and we make finding second-hand equivalents just one click away. But we aim to provide more information about the sustainability of products and brands through crowd-sourcing, and that’s where you come in. 

We would like to work with fashion activists like you to understand what information should be provided and how it can be gathered feasibly from existing sources – including brands themselves. We will add crowd-sourcing functionality to Sust based on what you tell us. Your input will influence sustainably-minded fashion shoppers around the world.

We invite you to one of our optional 30-minute online information sessions at 12:00 or 19:00 hours BST (London time, GMT+1) on 16 August, where we will explain the Sust platform in more detail, describe how we would like to work with participants in our research project (and reward them with vouchers), and answer your questions. You don’t have to come; we will make a recording available. You can still apply to be a participant.

We would like to include people from a variety of backgrounds and geographical regions in our project, and will make a selection from those who express interest. To be able to participate in our project, you will need to fill out this short online form by 15 August 2022 – whether or not you attend an information session.

Who we are

The project is led by digital creative Tim Kindberg of and by Fiona Spotswood (behaviour change marketing expert) and Chris Preist (Digital Sustainability) of the University of Bristol. Jennifer D. Daniel (PhD candidate, Innovation & Entrepreneurship) is the Sust research assistant. Sust is funded by the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute