Sust – the next phase of our research

We are delighted to announce that the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute has funded us for a second round of research: “Sust: co-creating an open-source platform for empowering sustainable fashion consumers”. The original team of Dr. Tim Kindberg (matter II media) and Prof. Chris Preist and Dr. Fiona Spotswood (University of Bristol) are joined by Prof. Dale Southerton and Dr. Emma Slade of the university, and Nicky Allan of Fashion Revolution.

We will be extending our research concerning a digital platform for empowering consumers to shop sustainably. In the previous round (also funded by the Brigstow Institute) we carried out user research and built a prototype for providing consumers with information related to the sustainability of products and brands as they shop online. This new project will focus on Fashion. It will investigate potential mechanisms by which the platform – now called Sust – will enable users to crowd-source information about Fashion products’ and brands’ sustainability, and the mechanisms by which the integrity of that information can be assured against low-quality inputs, trolling, manipulation etc. We will be working with Fashion Revolution’s global network of activists to co-create the mechanisms.

The project will run June-November 2022. We are seeking a research assistant.

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